June 30th, 2016  We inform all the artists who submitted their works to the 10th edition of ARTiculAction that submissions are now closed and that in the next few days we'll start the selection process.
We would like to thank you all for the amazing response to our call: selected participants will be notified via email of their status of acceptance by the end of July.
Event // Calder Foundation, New York, NY, USA

Discover the genius behind kinetic sculpture with Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture at Tate Modern.
This exhibition brings together some of Calder's most important creations from museums around the world, showing how motion, performance and even theatrics helped to establish Calder as one of modernism's key figures.

Related events  Earle Brown’s Calder Piece and Alexander Calder’s Chef d’orchestre
Tuesday 10 November 18.30–20.00, 20.30–22.00 and Sunday 15 November, 2016 18.30–20.00

Coming soon  To celebrate our anniversary we have prepared a special issue in which we had the chance to interview 9 artists from the international scene whose works unveil the ubiquitous combination between conceptual and socio politicised practice, giving birth to a stimulating mix of pure art and deep social engagement.

Their refined multidisciplinary approaches give life to an incessant process of recontextualization, that provides the viewers of an extension ofthe basic human perception, in order to manipulate it, releasing it from its most primordial, limbic parameters.

Overtly playing with the unheimlich nature of gestural movements and sound, as well as traditional brushstrokes and photography, their pieces reveal the tendency to exist in continuum, residing somewhere in our collective memory.

We are particularly pleased to introduce our readers to their multifaceted artistic productions.

"As museums are rethinking their relationship to their audience online, an increasing number chooses to publish online magazines, and many of these publications emerge from institutions that are not necessarily the major museums in art world hubs. The attitudes toward these publishing initiatives vary—some choose to outline the scope of their publishing platforms in the shape of their programming, while others produce magazines that are thematically related to subjects the museum covers but are not directly linked to the art on view. What they all share is a feeling that online publishing expands the museum's audience, making it a potentially global one."  (Orit Gat)


ARTiculAction is glad to announce the ARTiculAction 2016 - Biennial International Call for Artists: artists from each side of the world are welcomed to submit their artworks

Since its foundation, ARTiculAction has worked with more than 500 painters, cinematographers and performers, giving to talented and ambitious artist the chance to branch out and get ahead, showing their works off the world through many publications, since it's becoming more and more important for artists to take the promotion of their image and their art upon themselves.

To celebrate our 10th edition, we are pleased to announce ARTiculAction 2015 - Biennial International Call for Artists, a special Biennial competition whose aim is to support the creative development of a new generation of authors working with new media, painting, experimental dance and performance. The objective of our Biennial competition is the selection of works which show polyedric and many sidedness nature.

Artists' works and projects will be selected through an international open call for proposals and exhibitions.

The selection will be proceded by our editorial board and will cover worldwide productions and various formats and media.
It is possible to tender up to three works or series (Painting, Fine Art Photography, Video Art, Installations, Performances...).

Each of the participating persons or teams may submit one of more works which can be realized by different techniques.All kinds of art are welcomed to participate to the selection. There is no limitation in terms of topics and techniques, but we will really appreciate if you could keep in line with the guiding categories:

- Painting
- Fine Art Photography
- Mixed media
- Video art
- Performance
- Body Art
- Installations
- Sculpture
- Audio

We also welcome particular performances and works from other disciplines usually not included in art festivals, as

- Experimental Dance
- Public Art & Interventions

There are no entry fees for submissions:(only selected artists will be asked for a small contribution in order to support the independence of our project) just take the time to fill the form on our website, that you can find HERE or contact our editorial board directly to: actionart@europe.com or articulaction@post.com and artica@europe.com

We aim to give to talented and ambitious artist the chance to branch out and get ahead, showing their works off the world through our publication, since it's becoming more and more important for artists to take the promotion of their image and their art upon themselves. All we offer is an effective way to reach their target audience.


Deadline: March 24th 2016

Focus  A Scanner, Darkly: On Andrea Crespo's "Polymorphoses", by Anton Haugen

Constantly reflecting on this imagery, Andrea Crespo's recent solo show "polymorphoses" at Hester in New York evokes an environment of clinical intimacy in its aesthetic and conceptual coherence. Similar to an LED screen or scanner, the digital prints on the four poly voile curtains covering the windows are backlit by the sun. Positioned in front of these curtains, an EMDR light bar (used by cognitive therapists to treat post-traumatic stress disorder) replicates a scanner's mobile light in the sculpture polymist: echolalic transponder; its accompanying soundtrack abstracts the diegetic sound of this light's kinetics as low digital tones. The UV print in the former depicts hands in the midst of grasping or releasing this detritus over a soft-focused digital print of a linen-like fabric. In the latter, the LED lighting of a computer cooling fan only partially illuminates a mesh fabric and a minimal, white etching of a conjoined figure. Fittingly, getting close enough to observe the minutiae of these works often involves avoiding one's own reflection.read the complete article

Polymorphoses, Andrea Crespo, exhibition view

Focus  The Flash Artists who Cybersquatted the Whitney Biennial, by Lucas G. Pinhero (Rhizome)

One story of whitneybiennial.com opens at the ElectronicOrphanage (EO) in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Founded in 2001 by artists Miltos Manetas and Mai Ueda, the now-defunct EO was once a small artist-run project space on Chung King Road, a pedestrian pathway dense with independent galleries and studios.

Until its demise in 2004, the "Orphanage" remained a stark black cube, completely barren if not for a white screen where digital art was occasionally projected, typically when neighboring galleries hosted opening receptions over drinks.

For the most part, the space was a kind of laboratory for a group of artists, curators, and critics with a shared interest in the computer and digital culture—the "Orphans." It was here, sometime in February 2002, that a plot to cybersquat the Whitney Biennial began to take shape.

Or at least this is how Manetas, the project’s architect, remembers it.

"Orphans" at the ElectronicOrphanage, Chinatown, LA

FOCUS  Transmediale 2015: Why we need spaces for art and tech beyond corporate influence by Elvia Wilk

True to its title, "Capture All," the program of this year's transmediale festival in Berlin was ambitiously panoramic, with such a marathon, round-the-clock schedule that by the last day a number of attendees had come down with the same cold. Separated into the thematic tracks of Work, Play, and Life, the events revolved around the quantification of everyday activities, mass data acquisition, algorithmic sorting of information about people and the planet, and the systems of power and control implicit in all of those processes—topics in which most of the festival's target audience is well-versed.

The majority of that audience is made up of academics, artists, cultural workers, technologists, and students. This year for the first time, tickets sold out completely; on opening night the 1,035-seater auditorium was over capacity, and throughout the five-day festival, waiting lines stretched around corners. Besides lectures and panels, the schedule included a steady stream of performances and screenings as well as ongoing workshops in the cacophonous foyer—from a six-hour workshop on feminist network methodology to four days of open meetings. >>> read the complete article >>>

Through the Eyes of a Paratrooper

ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Nina Isabelle
Gwenyth Dobie (Canada)
Monika Supé  (Germany)
Corbett Fogue (USA)
Emma Hill (USA)
Naanunca Mandragora (Switzerland)
Kristina Posilovic (Croatia)
Christos Marmeris (Greece)
Angela Zheoxiang Li (USA/Taiwan)
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Valerie Bourquin
Alon Peretz (Israel)
Emily Lewis (USA)
Taly Oehler (USA)
Katarzyna Zimna (Poland)
Severine Assouline (France)
Katie Boyle (USA)
Annemarieke van Peppen (The Nethelands)
Inga Limeviciute (United Kingdom)
Esther Domb Edelman
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Rachel Duffy
United Kingdom)
Aline Bunji (Switzerland
Marion Tu (USA)
Huangli Shi (United Kingdom)
Christiana Kazakou (
United Kingdom)
Ayshe Kizilkay (Switzerland)
Michal Huss (Israel
Ah-young Jeon (USA
Shahr Afek (Israel
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Nicole Philippi
Jody Zellen (
United Kingdom)
Bill Hill (USA)
Alessandra Dimitra (Germany)
Jihane Mossalim (France)
Tiffany Fung (USA)

Sladana Mitrovic (Slovenia)
Nusa Lapajne (Slovenia)
Gabriel Savic Ra (Serbia)
Laura Skocek (Austria)
Christopher Gruber
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Anna Berry
Susan Wawra (United Kingdom)
Erik Sigerud  (Germany)
Adi Dulza (Israel)
Meltem Arikan (Turkey)
Patricia Abramovic (Israel)
Anna Pinkas (USA)
Chen C. Bachar (Taiwan)
Esther Domb Edelman (Israel)
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Eva Rocco Kenell
David Habercom (
Paula Ortega  (United Kingdom)
Aaron Morse (USA)
Anne Cecile Surga (France)
Rosemary Meza-Desplas (USA)
Mernie Williams-Baker (USA)
Philippe Halaburda (France)
John Barney (
United Kingdom)
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Nofar Horovitz
Mikel Berradre (
Darren Kirwan  (Ireland)
Yi Hsuan Lee (China)
Kami Bugnet (Israel)
Marija Roduner (Switzerland)
Qin Han (USA/China)
Viktor Frešo (Slovakia)
Farzin Foroutan (
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Maya Gelfman
Gillian Allard (United Kingdom)
Allyson McCandless
Julija Levkova
(the Netherlands)
Michele Vavonese
Angelina Voskopoulos
Kenta Nakagawa
Chung Chak
Horacio Carrena
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Karel Bata
United Kingdom)
Renée Regan (
Lisa Sebestikova (The Netherlands)
Aviv Keller (Israel)
Janno Bergman (Estonia)
Rachel Salit (Israel
Viktor Fucek (Slovakia)
Chen Yu-Jung (Taiwan/USA)
Annie Hobbs (
United Kingdom)
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Stephanie Camfield
Scott Morrison (
Anne Murray (United Kingdom)
Hasti Hich (Iran/USA)
Maya Eliya Stein (Israel)
Nigel Tan (
R Prost (France)
Sabrina Barrios (Brazil/USA)
Annie Hobbs (
United Kingdom)
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Léa Maleh
Joseph O'Neill (
David Delgado (Thailand)
Jorge Mansilla (Australia)
Christiana Kazakou (
United Kingdom)
Dénes Ruzsa (Poland)
Maxwell Rushton (
United Kingdom)
Fariba Rahnavard (
United Kingdom)
Ynin Shillo (Israel

Special Issue:

Anniek Verholt
Michael Caci (
Mary Rouncefield  (United Kingdom)
Suzanne MacRury (USA)
Yoshiyuki Koinuma (Japan)
Myriam Moreno Martinez (Spain)
Taekyung Seo (South Korea)
Etchi Werner Nyiri (Israel)
Annie Hobbs (
United Kingdom)
ARTiculAction Special Issue:

Laurie L Martin (USA)
Tabea Herzog
(United Kingdom)
Alwina Heinz 
Jeff Klena
Skye Scrimer
Caglar Uzun
Ruth Burke (Germany)
Yorgos Papafigos
Kayla Nirschel
Eric Hynynen
Lianne Alcon (Spain/USA)
ARTiculAction (April 2015) in this issue:

Malu Schroeder
Cevdet Akman (United Kingdom)
Paul Ashton  (United Kingdom)
Pierre Schwarzenbach
Constantin Galceava
Armineh Hovasianen
Jave Yoshimoto
Jean M. Judd (USA)
ARTiculAction (March 2015) in this issue:

Anna Smetanenko
(The Netherlands)
Clara Feder (France)
Amanda Karlsson  (Sweden)
Natália Gromicho
Ryota Matsumoto
Heidi Clapp-Temple
Sylvain Granjon
Jay Kim & Minah Yim (South Korea)
ARTiculAction (February 2015) in this issue:

Uriya Jurik
(The Netherlands)
Maria Vesterinen  (Sweden)
Christopher Lutterodt
(United Kingdom)
Anja Radulovic
Marija Lopac (France)

ARTiculAction (December 2014) in this issue:

Francis Charlton
(United Kingdom)
Alan Singer  (USA)
Barbara Bervoets
Sigita Dackeviciute
Thero Monteiro
Gayane Karapetyan
Michael Guy (Canada/France)
Jennifer Ryan (USA)

ARTiculAction (November 2014) in this issue:

Mark Lloyd (United Kingdom)
Laurent Quinkal
Jane Gottlieb 
Gabor A. Nagy
Svetlin Velchev
(The Netherlands)
Amelie Beaudroit
Cristina Zorrilla Speer
Carolyn Frischling

ARTiculAction (September 2014) in this issue:

Ryder Richards (USA)
BBB Johannes Deimling
Marjan Moghaddam 
Steve Wilda
Adrian Jugaru
Madeleine Alm
Corné Akkers
(The Netherlands)
Catherine Danae

ARTiculAction (July 2014) in this issue:

Barbara Rachko (USA)
Cristina Ramos
Lissa Bockrath 
Amanda van Gils
Tamer Ertuna
Susan LaMantia
Elena Balsiukaite Brazdziuniene
Else Vinaes

ARTiculAction (June 2014) in this issue:

Gisela Hammer  (Germany)
Aviva Beigel  (Israel)
Christina Massey  (USA)
Alfonso Batalla (Spain)
Aino-Kaarina Pajari  (Finland)

Laura Guoke (Lithuania)
Barry Grose 
Rita Dianni Kaleel  (USA)

ARTiculAction (June 2014 - Special Issue)

Colette Copeland  (USA)
Cecile Van Hanja  (The Netherlands)
Amy Cohen Banker  (USA)
Shima Faridani (Iran/Denmark)
Branka Markovic  (Montenegro)

Nina Fabumni (USA)
Evie Zimmer 
Benjamin Hersh  (USA)

ARTiculAction (April 2014) in this issue:

Boris Eldagsen  (Germany)
Shahar Marcus  (Israel)
Florencia Davidzon (USA/Argentina)
Irene Zenonos  (Greece)
Florian Tuerke (Germany)
Ivonne Dippmann Germany)
Manolis Hadjimanolis (Greece)
Karine van der Velde 
Megan C. Mosholder  (USA)

 ARTiculAction (May 2014) in this issue:

Matthew Lancit  (Canada/France)
Joana Fischer  (Germany)
Benjamin Poynter  (USA)
Ninia Sverdrup (Sweden/Germany)
Evelin Stermitz  (Austria/USA)
Kireilyn Barber (USA)
Liene Straupe (Latvia)
Matthew Pell (United Kingdom)

ARTiculAction (March 2014) in this issue:

Adriana Soares  (Italy/Brazil)
Nicolas Renard  (France)
Peter Foucault  (USA)
Krista Nassi   (USA/Iran)
Catherine Chantilly  (France/Brazil)
Hanno Phenn (Germany)
Mr. and Mrs. Grey  (the Netherlands)
Andrea Pekarkova 
Ayako Kobayashi  (Japan)

Deborah Esses  (United Kingdom)


ARTiculAction (February 2014) in this issue:

Jana Charl  (USA)
Els Wiering  (the Netherlands)
Willy Branckaerts  (Belgium)
Jake Kelley   (USA)
Vanja Mervic  (Slovenija)
Milena Jovicevic (Montenegro)
Priscilla Dobler  (Portugal)
Marija Avramovic 
Natasha Papadopoulou  (Greece)
Uzma Sultan  (United Kingdom)
Johan Wahlstrom  (Sweden)

ARTiculAction (January 2014) in this issue:

Alex Goodman  (United Kingdom)
Mark Daybel  (USA)
Natalia Gromicho  (Portugal)
Kirsten Jooste  (the Netherlands)
Jake Kelley   (USA)
Nevena Vuksanovic  (Serbia)
21358SMart  (the Netherlands / France)
Clotilde Bourgard (Portugal)
Wilson Meistre 
Bruno Colin  (France)
Jessie Omamogho  (USA)

ARTiculAction (May 2013) in this issue:

Amelie Beaudroit  (France)
Anne Wolk  (Germany)
Marie-Lou Desmeules  (France)
Ruta Butkute  (the Netherlands)
Era Vati   (Hungary/Germany)
Nevena Vuksanovic  (Serbia)
Henri Pouillon  (Belgium)
Kenneth Susynski (USA)
e.belit sag 
Vasil Tenev  (France)
Cigdem Mentesoglu  (Turkey)



ARTiculAction (September 2013) in this issue:

Simon Coates  (United Kingdom)
Jennifer Weiss  (USA)
Monteith McCollum  (United Kingdom)
Jolene Mok  (Hong Kong)
Alexandros Antoniadis (Greece)
Tatiana Afonina  (Russia)
Stephanie Booth  (USA)

Leticia Sampedro 
Sara Al Haddad  (Dubai)


ARTiculAction (March 2013) in this issue:

Emily Putter  (Germany)
Deborah Esses  (United Kingdom)
Missy S.  (Sweden / Switzerland)
Belen Paton  (Spain)
Eva Lee (USA)
Annelies Slabbynck  (Belgium / China)
Samantha Raut  (USA)

Rafael Diaz 
James Budd Dees  (USA)
Dato Mio  (USA)


ARTiculAction (April 2013) in this issue:

Marie Kazalia  (Germany)
Michael Filimowicz  (United Kingdom)
Missy S.  (Sweden / Switzerland)
Ovidiu Chincheza  (Spain)
Patrick Moser (USA)
Dan Crosby  (USA)
Chantelle Ferri  (Australia)

Myrthe van der Mark 
Tom Bendtsen (Canada)
Jean Michel Rolland  (France)