ARTiculAction is glad to announce the Fourth Edition of the International Open Call for Artists "ARTiculAction 0.4": artists from each side of the world are welcomed to submit their artworks

The focus of this edition is on exploring the effectiveness of synergy
in contemporary art. Every work of art consists of the "articulation"
between  varied  experiences  whose  contribution persist in their existence even then the work is finished.

But how apparently different techniques are capable of working together
in order to create an harmonious artistic composition?
The objective of the competition is the selection of works which show
polyedric and many sidedness nature.

Each of the participating persons or teams may submit one of more

works which can be realized by different techniques.

All kinds of art are welcomed to participate to the selection.

There is no limitation in terms of topics and techniques, but we will

really appreciate if you could keep in line with the guiding categories:

- Painting

- Graphics

- Mixed Art

- Video

- Performance

- Body Art

- Installations

- Sculpture

- Audio

We also welcome particular performances and works from other

disciplines usually not included in art festivals, as

- Scientific Performances

- Dance

- Public Art & Interventions

There are no entry fees for submissions: only selected artists will be asked for a symbolic contribution, since we do not put any ads and we focus only on Art.
Just take the time to fill the form on our website, that you can find HERE or contact our editorial board directly to:

We aim to give to talented and ambitious artist the chance to branch out and get ahead, showing their works off the world through our publication, since it's becoming more and more important for artists to take the promotion of their image and their art upon themselves. All we offer is an effective way to reach their target audience.

ARTiculAction (July 2014) in this issue:

Barbara Rachko (USA)
Cristina Ramos
Lissa Bockrath 
Amanda van Gils
Tamer Ertuna
Susan LaMantia
Elena Balsiukaite Brazdziuniene
Else Vinaes


ARTiculAction (June 2014) in this issue:

Gisela Hammer  (Germany)
Aviva Beigel  (Israel)
Christina Massey  (USA)
Alfonso Batalla (Spain)
Aino-Kaarina Pajari  (Finland)

Laura Guoke (Lithuania)
Barry Grose 
Rita Dianni Kaleel  (USA)

ARTiculAction (June 2014 - Special Issue)

Colette Copeland  (USA)
Cecile Van Hanja  (The Netherlands)
Amy Cohen Banker  (USA)
Shima Faridani (Iran/Denmark)
Branka Markovic  (Montenegro)

Nina Fabumni (USA)
Evie Zimmer 
Benjamin Hersh  (USA)

ARTiculAction (April 2014) in this issue:

Boris Eldagsen  (Germany)
Shahar Marcus  (Israel)
Peter Foucault  (USA)
Florencia Davidzon (USA/Argentina)
Irene Zenonos  (Greece)
Ivonne Dippmann (Germany)
Manolis Hadjimanolis (Greece)
Karine van der Velde 
Megan C. Mosholder  (USA)

click on the image to read the May 2014 special issue   


ARTiculAction (May 2014) in this issue:

Matthew Lancit  (Canada/France)
Joana Fischer  (Germany)
Benjamin Poynter  (USA)
Ninia Sverdrup (Sweden/Germany)
Evelin Stermitz  (Austria/USA)
Kireilyn Barber (USA)
Liene Straupe (Latvia)
Matthew Pell (United Kingdom)

ARTiculAction (March 2014) in this issue:

Adriana Soares  (Italy/Brazil)
Nicolas Renard  (France)
Peter Foucault  (USA)
Krista Nassi   (USA/Iran)
Catherine Chantilly  (France/Brazil)
Hanno Phenn (Germany)
Mr. and Mrs. Grey  (the Netherlands)
Andrea Pekarkova 
Ayako Kobayashi  (Japan)

Deborah Esses  (United Kingdom)


ARTiculAction (February 2014) in this issue:

Jana Charl  (USA)
Els Wiering  (the Netherlands)
Willy Branckaerts  (Belgium)
Jake Kelley   (USA)
Vanja Mervic  (Slovenija)
Milena Jovicevic (Montenegro)
Priscilla Dobler  (Portugal)
Marija Avramovic 
Natasha Papadopoulou  (Greece)
Uzma Sultan  (United Kingdom)
Johan Wahlstrom  (Sweden)

ARTiculAction (January 2014) in this issue:

Alex Goodman  (United Kingdom)
Mark Daybel  (USA)
Natalia Gromicho  (Portugal)
Kirsten Jooste  (the Netherlands)
Jake Kelley   (USA)
Nevena Vuksanovic  (Serbia)
21358SMart  (the Netherlands / France)
Clotilde Bourgard (Portugal)
Wilson Meistre 
Bruno Colin  (France)
Jessie Omamogho  (USA)

ARTiculAction (May 2013) in this issue:

Amelie Beaudroit  (France)
Anne Wolk  (Germany)
Marie-Lou Desmeules  (France)
Ruta Butkute  (the Netherlands)
Era Vati   (Hungary/Germany)
Nevena Vuksanovic  (Serbia)
Henri Pouillon  (Belgium)
Kenneth Susynski (USA)
e.belit sag 
Vasil Tenev  (France)
Cigdem Mentesoglu  (Turkey)



ARTiculAction (September 2013) in this issue:

Simon Coates  (United Kingdom)
Jennifer Weiss  (USA)
Monteith McCollum  (United Kingdom)
Jolene Mok  (Hong Kong)
Alexandros Antoniadis (Greece)
Tatiana Afonina  (Russia)
Stephanie Booth  (USA)

Leticia Sampedro 
Sara Al Haddad  (Dubai)


ARTiculAction (March 2013) in this issue:

Emily Putter  (Germany)
Deborah Esses  (United Kingdom)
Missy S.  (Sweden / Switzerland)
Belen Paton  (Spain)
Eva Lee (USA)
Annelies Slabbynck  (Belgium / China)
Samantha Raut  (USA)

Rafael Diaz 
James Budd Dees  (USA)
Dato Mio  (USA)


ARTiculAction (April 2013) in this issue:

Marie Kazalia  (Germany)
Michael Filimowicz  (United Kingdom)
Missy S.  (Sweden / Switzerland)
Ovidiu Chincheza  (Spain)
Patrick Moser (USA)
Dan Crosby  (USA)
Chantelle Ferri  (Australia)

Myrthe van der Mark 
Tom Bendtsen (Canada)
Jean Michel Rolland  (France)